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Over 85+ years Combined Experience


We are an authorized repair center for many of the top OEM’s. Save 60-75% with our quality OEM repair and replacement services.


We offer a full 4-year service warranty that is Tier 1 to the industry on all services offered. We are here to provide quality repairs done right.


By doing everything under one roof, it allows us to fulfill your needs quickly and efficiently. O.D. & I.D. Grinding, EDM, Precision Machining, Turning, Milling, Both Manual and CNC welding… and much more.



We service customers throughout the US, Canada, & Mexico region because of our broad range of service facilities and service technicians throughout North America. We can accomplish deadlines as severe as Onsite, Same day, Next day, 2nd day, or our regular 10-14 day turnaround.

Sale Exchange and Emergency Services

  • Complete Machine Repair
    Cleaning, Painting Repairing, Realigning & Reassembly
  • Onsite Taper I.D. Grinding
  • Way Work & Slides
    (Including grinding, scraping, & alignment)
  • Ball Screw Repair and Re-Development
    (any size, make, or model)
  • Turcite Inserting & Hand Scraping
  • Acme-Leadscrews
    (any size or model)
  • Machine Tool Spindle Repair
    (any size, make, or model)
  • Chucks, Actuators, Tool Holders, Jaws, Adaptor Steady rest
    (any size, make, or model)

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